PERFUME Team receives POLE-SCS award!

By David Gesbert

December 12, 2019

Prof. David Gesbert, Rajeev Gangula, and Omid Esrafilian received the POLE-SCS price for their project on “Autonomous drones for IoT intelligent networks”. More information here:

Seminar by Prof. Vincent Poor (Princeton)

By David Gesbert

July 23, 2019

In the context of PERFUME, a half day workshop was organized on July 5th, 2019, where PERFUME collaborator Vincent Poor gave a seminar entitled “Machine Learning Meets Mobile Communications”

Abstract: Mobile communications and machine learning are two of the most exciting and rapidly developing technological fields of our time. In recent times these two fields have begun to merge in two fundamental ways. First, while mobile communications has developed largely as a model-driven field, the complexities of many emerging communications scenarios is giving rise to the need to introduce data-driven methods into the design and analysis of mobile networks. And, conversely, many machine learning problems are by their nature distributed due to either physical limitations or privacy concerns; this distributed nature gives rise to the need to consider mobile networks as part of learning mechanisms, i.e., as platforms for machine learning. This talk will illuminate these two perspectives, while focusing primarily on the latter, by considering communication issues arising in distributed learning problems such as federated learning and collaborative learning. These issues will be illustrated through examples from recent research in the field.

David Gesbert, General Chair of IEEE SPAWC, July 2-5, 2019

By David Gesbert

July 7, 2019

The IEEE SPAWC 2019 (Signal Processing in Wireless Communications) conference, chaired by David Gesbert, closed its doors last Friday July 5th. It appears the organizing team did great to honor the 20th anniversary of this international conference in signal processing, statistics, wireless communication theory and design. With 270 participants, the 2019 edition reached a new audience record!

A picture of the organizing team can be found here.

Special Session patronized by ERC PERFUME project at SPAWC 2019

By David Gesbert

December 5, 2018

I. Atzeni will organize a special session on “Distributed and Cooperative Methods for Beyond-5G Wireless Systems” at SPAWC 2019.

Paul de Kerret co-chairs the 2nd IEEE ICC Workshop on Machine Learning for Communications

By David Gesbert

September 14, 2018

P. de Kerret is one of the chairs of the “2nd IEEE ICC Workshop on Machine Learning for Wireless Communications (ML4COM)” to be organized in Shanghai in May 2019.

PERFUME team co-organizes IEEE SPAWC 2019

By David Gesbert

September 13, 2018

PERFUME team co-organizes the IEEE Signal Processing for Wireless Communications Workshop, to be held in Cannes, France, July 2-5, 2019. SPAWC ( is chaired by Prof. Gesbert (EURECOM) and will feature recent results on a variety of topics for future wireless network design. 250 experts and researchers are expected for the conference over 3 days.

A PERFUME dedicated workshop will be organized following the end of the SPAWC programme, to be held at EURECOM premises on July 5, afternoon.

Paul de Kerret and David Gesbert co-organized the first IEEE ICC workshop on Machine Learning for communications

By David Gesbert

September 12, 2018

P. de Kerret and D. Gesbert co-organized the first IEEE ICC workshop on “Machine learning for wireless communication systems”.

David Gesbert and Paul de Kerret are co-guest editor for the special issue of IEEE JSAC on Machine Learning for Communications

By David Gesbert

September 11, 2018

D. Gesbert and P. de Kerret are co-guest editing the firt special issue of IEEE JSAC journal on “Machine learning for wireless communication networks”, to appear 2019.

David Gesbert gives his thoughts on machine learning for communication systems in an interview at ITU Geneva

By David Gesbert

February 7, 2018

David responds to an interview following his talk at the newly established focus group on machine learning for communication systems, at the ITU in Geneva, Switzerland, Jan 25h 2018. Video below.

PERFUME team unveils first demo of autonomous cellular flying relays

By David Gesbert

January 8, 2018

While we should stay humble, we believe this is the world’s first demo of a self positioned flying relay device, offering LTE connectivity on-the-go to a mobile ground user. See “about” section for more details. The video is below!